Three Ways to Spice Up a Dinner Party

We get to work on some really amazing events around here but what about when you just want to throw a kick-ass dinner party for your friends? You don't have to be an event planner to pull it off! We chatted with Lisa Foster from Stylish Events by Lisa to bring you three quick tips to make your next party a little more fabulous.


Lighting, lighting, lighting! Lighting is a key factor for taking your ordinary dinner party or small get together and turning it into a night to remember. Stringing lights across the event space will set the perfect ambiance for all guests! The glow of the lights will guide guests around the party zone and play the part of what areas are "out-of-bounds". Try brightening up dull spaces with candles to allow a sanctioned spot for conversation and relaxation.


Seating! There is little worse than going to a party and playing musical chairs all night. You and your guests just spent hours either at work, chasing children, tending to a dirty house or possibly all of the above. Going to an event is your time to unwind. Make sure your guests have plenty of comfortable places to lean back and enjoy. With that being said, a cooler is not the ideal seating arrangement for anyone in attendance.


Appropriate decoration! Give yourself a second prior to the party to take a deep breath and look around. You've taken all this time to set-up, prepare food, and invite guests, so make sure that any decorations you have around are relevant to the theme you've chosen. You can replace the unwanted decorations with flowers or an extra party decoration. Remember, even a small empty space will look better than off theme decor.