Wedding Flower School V.2 - What's The Deal with Minimums

Photo by Eunice Beck

Have you ever been to one of those build your own pizza places? Where you pay $7 for the crust/sauce/cheese then the restaurant lets you add on toppings until your little pepperoni-loving heart is swelling with joy? It's so great because that pizza was your creation (I mean, why don't more places add a pineapple artichoke pizza to the menu full time!?) and it was made specifically for you.

Now, imagine you head into that pizza place one day and hear the following exchange between another customer and the server

Customer: "Hey. I'm actually only going to pay you $3 for the crust/sauce/cheese plus any toppings I'm into"

Server: "Well, we have a small build-your-own option that is half the size and costs $3.50 but you still have to pay for additional toppings"

Customer: "I actually was hoping to get the regular order. I just really only want to spend $3..."

It feels kind of unreasonable, right? That restaurant has to pay for the building you're sitting in, it's paying the servers and cooks, it's paying for the ingredients needed to make that tasty crust and that mouth-watering sauce. The restaurant owners did the math before they opened and they set pricing so that they could afford to give you a pleasant build-your-own experience and still have money leftover to keep their business moving forward.

Here at Hoot & Holler, we're known for our lush, garden style arrangements featuring unique foliage and exotic flowers. We love mixing in a wide variety of blooms, both large and small, with the perfect greenery to create truly one of a kind arrangements for your wedding day. No two designs are ever the same and each client we work with receives one-on-one attention directly from me (hi! I'm the owner here) to ensure that their flowers are exactly what they dreamed of.

Because this kind of experience is hugely important to us, we also have some minimums. In the floral world, we have access to an incredible selection of flowers but when we buy wholesale, we are required to buy a minimum amount of each different type of flower (typically 10 of each). So, if you're buying one bouquet, we are required to buy much more than we actually will need to complete the design.

In order to create that lush, garden style arrangement that you've seen on our website and on Instagram, we have to buy a lot of flowers. When we buy a lot of flowers, it takes our team hours to process each and every stem to make sure only the best of the best end up at your wedding. Once you book your wedding date with us, we're available to you if you have any questions or concerns and whenever you reach out to us, someone from our amazing team will respond to you to make sure you're feeling great about your wedding blooms. We have a studio with an amazing walk-in cooler and a really kick-ass collection of rental vases (all of which have to be stored, cleaned, and transported to/from events).

We have minimum prices because we want to create a great experience for you on your wedding day. We want you to feel loved by our team and wowed by your flowers. We don't have an event minimum because we love working on all sorts of weddings from the BIG ceremonies with lavish receptions to those who choose to elope in the middle of the mountains. Whether you just want a bouquet or you need a full wedding of designs, we're here for you and you matter to us.

If you would like to know more about our minimums, you can fill out our wedding questionnaire and we'll send it to you right away along with a list of our favorite vendors to help with the rest of your planning.

Basically, our $7 pizza is so, so, ridiculously worth it. Don't believe me? Check out our what our past brides have been saying about us right here.

As usual, leave any topics you'd like us to cover in the comments! Share this article with your wedding planning friends and we'll see you next week for another installment!