Winter Wedding Inspiration

We'll never get tired of snowy romantic shoots. We don't get any snow in Phoenix so that likely contributes to our love of it, but the way these colors stand out on that stunning white ground will always take our breath away.

These subtle purple roses are paired beautifully with bright green magnolia leaves. The bouquet also has touches of nude and more bold purples scattered throughout it for a truly unique color palette.

The arrangement is tied together with our cotton hand-dyed ribbon. The pale blue color is perfect way to bring the different shades of cream and purple together in this bouquet.

Photography by  Morgan McLane  and  Ryann Lindsey .

Photography by Morgan McLane and Ryann Lindsey.

We would love to create the perfect bouquet for your snowy wedding. When ordering, let us know that you loved this and choose a "full bouquet" so we can create your dream designs.