Things: The Japanese Scabiosa

If you follow us on Instagram you’ll already be aware of our love for the Japanese Scabiosa. A couple of weeks ago we were walking amongst the flowers at our wholesaler and couldn’t leave without taking a hefty bundle of this gorgeous plant with us. Naturally, we decided to feature this current shop showstopper for our “Things” post this week.

The Japanese Scabiosa comes in many variations, but the one with the oxblood center that lightens in hue as it sprawls onto the petals like a perfect blush really speaks to our souls. For the sake of this feature we’ve decided to specifically highlight that variation. This plant reminds us of the girl we knew in high school that spent her summers in L.A. with her eccentric aunt, uncle, and slightly older cousin. The girl with the perfect raspberry sucker stained lips that told us stories about bonfires on the beach and chasing the sun. She was the girl that listened to hand-me-down music from her older siblings instead of top 40s hits. She was oblivious to her lure and that made her even more intriguing. She was our Japanese Scabiosa.

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