Rollin' With The Homies - Tremaine Ranch

Tremaine Ranch is seriously one of our favorite venues to work with and the furniture we rent from them is so amazing. It's why it was a no brainer to choose owners Leah and Matt to interview for our next Rollin' With The Homies feature! 

1. You make some super unique furniture pieces, can you walk us through the process of making that happen?

- Matt is truly the mastermind behind creating our custom pieces! He gets all the credit in that department. He is insanely talented and is continuing to learn and grow his craft everyday.  In order to figure out what piece he is going to work on next, we like to start off by discussing our current inventory and if it fits our style.

2. With those pieces being so unique, how do you decide what to create, and what to hold back on?

- We really like to look at items that we can envision in our home. If we like something enough to invest in it for our own home decor, we think it would be a great item to offer as a part of our inventory. We are currently broadening our rental inventory to offer some more trendy pieces like mid-century style lounge furniture. I love to shop around at antique malls, garage sales and of course, craigslist. There is no point in building or purchasing an antique item if it isn’t great quality.

3. You guys are one of our favorite venues, and rental place, but that's such a unique combination, how did you guys start?

- It actually all started when Matt and I were planning our own wedding. The property was built in 1918 and has a lot of really cool history to it. It was originally an 'entertainment' location in Arizona before there was anything else around. We had a clear vision of what we wanted so we made all the furniture ourselves rather than renting. After the pictures came out from our wedding, friends of friends were curious where the event took place. One thing led to another and we booked our first wedding a few weeks after our own.

4. Seeing as business is blooming, where do you see Tremaine Ranch in 5 years?

-We would love to have a warehouse space as our 'showroom'. I would love to invite potential clients to play around with settings, decor and our furniture to visually see what to expect for their special event. We also are in the process of planning smaller events at the property and offering tickets to them. We want to showcase local breweries & wineries and offer tastings at our property. Ultimately, I see us still being creative and working together on what works best for our aesthetic as a company, all while working with individuals who deserve what they want for their special event.

5. We love seeing couples working together and hustling together, how do you like working with your spouse every day?

- I love working with Matt. He builds all the furniture, takes custom furniture orders, and helps with the business side of things. I thrive from meeting and working with people, so I enjoy running our social media, communicating with potential clients, and meeting new vendors. I think we work well together because we have different strengths that we bring to Tremaine Ranch!


6. If you were to get remarried, what dish would be served at your wedding?

- Our wedding meal was bomb! We knew we wanted to have a delicious feast, and that is exactly what we did. Chicken with mushroom sauce, prime rib, wild rice, mac & cheese, salad, bread, steamed veggies; the list goes on. We actually had french bread pizza on our 'late night' menu that was served around 9:00 PM (unfortunately, we didn't get to have any of it because we were glued to the dance floor). If we could get some of that pizza, I think that is what we both would choose!


7. Tell us about the best drink you've ever had

- I know Matt's favorite drink was the Old Fashioned at Carthay Circle in Disneyland. I am such a beer drinker- one time I stopped drinking beer for a few months and then went to AZ Wilderness for a Refuge IPA - it was one of the best beers ever!


8. If you were a stripper what would your song be?

- I can 100% guarantee that Matt's song would be "Drunk in Love" by Beyonce. A week before our wedding, he really tried to persuade me to change our first dance song to Drunk in Love. I think my stripper song would be "National Anthem" by Lana Del Rey!!

9.  You need to get shit done, what music is playing in the background?

Matt is a huge Justin Timberlake fan, so he likes to listen to Justin Timberlake station on Pandora. I am currently loving an artist by the name of Ryn Weaver. Her album "The Fool" is all over my spotify account right now.