Things A Bride Should Never Be Without - Part 2

As promised, we're back today with some more amazing tips from our wedding planner friend, Ms. Skyla Brooke! If you haven't read the first set of tips, do yourself a favor and check them out! 


5.         Oopsie kit! – Make sure to fill a bag with solutions for all the things that could go wrong! Ours is filled with several hundreds of dollars worth of goodies, but make sure yours at least has sunscreen (nobody wants you to get cherry red after taking photos), water bottles, snacks, needle and thread, buttons, pain reliever, band aids, gum, lady products, Chapstick, tide pen, phone chargers and any other things you anticipate needing!

            6.         Makeup kit – After your make-up trial, make sure to go out and purchase at least the products that may wear off during the partying like lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow. Even better, hit up your make-up artist for some free samples of the products!

            7.         Steamer – A planner staple and oh-so necessary. Did that one bridesmaid keep her dress smashed up against some coats in her closet? Steamer. Did your linens come in looking like a rumpled mess? Steamer. Groom threw his tux jacket in your bag before you left? Steamer. Always a steamer.

8. Marriage license! AND PENS! – We need your marriage to be legal right? I mean, this is why we did this whole shin-dig.

We hope this list helps you feel more prepared and ready to party on your big day! For more bridal tips, visit us at If you have any planning questions or are looking for a full-service/day-of planner, drop us a note!

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