Short Notice? No Problem!

Last minute events and procrastinating planning an event happen literally all the time. While it may seem stressful and impossible to get it done, our friend David at Vermillion Events hit us up with some insanely useful knowledge and we're definitely letting you in on the secret. Keep reading below and see what David's teaching us all. 


The event industry is sometimes thought of as a long term process. Those of us involved in the event community know that for years now, we have seen the time period of that process shrink so much the statement long term is about as long as popsicle in July. Anything from a small breakfast meeting up to a full on conference can sometimes have a window of just a week, or even a few days!

How is that possible? Simple, you have an army of professionals at your disposal. No other industry has the help, en-mass, like the special events industry. We are like walking rolodexes. Better yet, it’s like Martha Stewart’s purse exploded and we all get to benefit. (Yes I did just drop her in. In my book, she still reigns supreme).

DIY? I say NBY! Not By Yourself!  Stop stressing, we are here!  How to prepare to ask for help? Simple, these 4 items will help all your professionals gather the wagons in support:

1. Know your end goal. If you’re putting on an awards dinner, is focus the actual awards? Timing? Food? Entertainment? Take your goal and work backwards from there.
2. Have a budget.  Small or huge, flexible or strict, just start with something, it won’t offend us, and it saves hours of planning.
3. Decision Maker. Whether it’s a committee or an individual, have them involved and let the professionals know.
4. Enjoy! Even if it’s just a meeting, in this day and age where everyone is permanently attached to that little screen, you are arranging human interaction. It’s a wondrous thing!

Huge shout out to David for helping us out! If you'd like to help him plan your next event shoot him an email at