DIY: Temporary Floral Tattoos

The past few days have been absolutely bonkers in the best way imaginable. We’ve done everything from making flower crowns at our partnership event with Madewell to creating the floral arrangements for an absolutely stunning wedding at Sassi! The go-go-go in us is vital to being boss everyday, but shutting it down for a bit is what keeps us sane. So, that’s what we did today! We came across this totally cool DIY project a few days ago and fully intended on trying it out, but the glorious weather today took us outdoors instead. I guess this just gives us another reason to schedule a chill day off again soon!

First things first, you need to select the flowers you want to use. You don’t necessarily need to purchase flowers specifically for this project. We think it’d be really neat to pluck a few petals from your centerpieces the day after your wedding or pick a few of your favorite flowers out of your garden.

After that the flowers need to be dried. To speed up the process so that you can wear your temporary floral tattoos immediately the articles recommend popping them into the microwave for 30 seconds (between two plates lined with paper towels.)

Then you’ll remove the flowers from the microwave and move them to a dry paper towel to sit for a minute or so. This would be a great time to grab the adhesive you’d like to use to apply the petals to your skin. For this, The DIYers suggested using eyelash glue if you’re looking to keep the petals on through a dance session with your girls or vaseline if you want the flowers to be a little easier to remove. 

That’s it! We’re so excited to try this out for ourselves and to see the designs you come up with! The images in this post and the original detailed DIY instructions can be found here and here.

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