Lily and the Lion

The Grimm Brothers were given a brain as fascinating as anything this world has seen. Jacob and Wilhelm’s stories have been retold in their original form and reworked for a second life for generations. In a world that is constantly seeking the newest new that’s an absolute feat to accomplish. Grimm’s Fairy Tales came up in a conversation we were having the other day when we sought out to find the origin for the childhood saying/game “Momma had a baby and her head popped off.” It seemed like the sort of thing that the brothers would’ve dreamt up, so that’s where we started looking for our answer. As we sifted through their tales we were unable to find any mention of dandelions and mommas and babies anywhere. However, we did come across the romantic drama titled, “Lily and the Lion” that we wanted to share with you as we continue to hunt for the answer to our original question.

“Lily and the Lion” is a story that starts with a rose. The tale follows along as the youngest of three daughters ventures out on her own after her father returns from a journey with some unexpected news. There is a lot of love, even more devotion, a child, a mistake, a quest, helping hands, a temptress, a spell, and an end. “Lily and the Lion” is a mid-length read (by internet standards) that we’re so glad we dove into. We highly recommend reading the story in its entirety here.

Let us know on Twitter what you think of, “Lily and the Lion” and share with us if any of you come across more information on the “Momma had a baby and her head popped off” game. We’re sure we can figure out the origin story behind the game and we won’t rest (except for naps) until we do.


Nicole SwedbergComment