Things: The Brunia

Early on the Brunia stole our hearts. The flower blooms white fluffy petals and ends up with this absolutely stunning fruited head that is a gorgeous addition to almost any arrangement. This flower is two parts hardy, one part ethereal, and all parts lovely. The Brunia truly is our go-to utility stem. We knew when we started this series on our blog that we'd feature the Brunia early on, so here we are.


Music: Vanessa Carlton - her deliciously melancholy new album has been on repeat all week.
City: Copenhagen - from art galleries to the perfect streets for late night walks, this city has it all.
Beauty: Sunday Riley - for a natural look that is healthy and sustainable.
Website: Medium - the best bus/train companion anyone could ever ask for.
Guilty Pleasure: Chai Tea Latte - we highly recommend Sip's take on this traditional drink.

Our love affair with the Brunia is deep, pure, and will likely last for a lifetime. Let us know if this plant and the things we've deemed it to love sit as well with you as they do with us. 


(source: Flower Muse

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