Things: The Spider Mum

Often times we drift into this idealistic space in our heads where the earth is pretty and humans are kind. In this place all of the plants and animals are our friends and we treat them with care. Losing oneself in thoughts like this creates a very magical relationship with the world around you. It makes a person take notice of their surroundings and promotes the personification of the things that they encounter. In this series of posts aptly titled “Things,” we’ll highlight some of the flowers we’re wild about and share the things that we associate with the personalities we’ve conjured up for them. 

We know that it's the first day of December, but we couldn't help profiling these Spider Mums in an attempt to hold onto the colors of fall a bit longer. Spider Mums have a long stemmed legginess to them that immediately catch your attention and a perfectly earth-dyed warm brown to golden ombre that we can't get enough of. This flower has that effortless beauty that you can’t ignore (think the Jennifer Lawrence of the natural world.) Below are a few things that we think our girl the Spider Mum would get down with and we hope that you will enjoy them too!

Place: Valley Bar - a Phoenix based venue/bar for her late night romping. 
Book: Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann - literature is the currency she deals in.
Artist: Katie Scott - her smart approach to illustration is absolutely stunning.
Film: Take This Waltz - Michelle Williams can’t resist Luke Kirby and neither can she.
Style: Elkin Collection -  cool pieces to pair down with graphic tees or amp up with layers.

Do you see yourself as a Spider Mum girl? Let us know on twitter and check back on the blog for more "Things" features to come!