Parisa Zahedi

Can we be honest for a moment? We have a huge girl crush on Parisa. Her incredibly curated online boutique Curiios is the closet every woman envies and her styling is always on point. To top it all off, she's a killer lady boss and is totally gorgeous. We talked with Parisa to get the skinny on her success because the world can never learn too much about women that are killing it in the business world.


You have a very cool background. I'd love to hear more about how you got into fashion and the path you took that led you to Curiios.

Thank you M. I was lucky enough to have an amazingly fashionable family. I think that is where my eye for it came from. I have loved fashion since I was a young girl, however I grew up dreaming I would be a pediatrician. I loved and will always love the joy of helping people. I started to get older and realized science was not for me. There had to be other ways for me to help people. I started taking fashion courses in high school, and before you know it I was a personal shopper for many women in my hometown. A mix of that and working retail finally slapped me in the face with my destiny. FASHION. I was helping women everyday feel good about themselves and change their perspective on their appearance. This made me feel like I was able to do something I love and still help others. I moved to LA and went to FIDM. I made it. I went and I conquered. Only problem was there was about a billion of me in that city fighting for the same thing. Also, I was broke. No surprise there. I knew I wanted to open a shop, and knew the best way to begin was via internet so, I moved back to Arizona, one year ago and have not stopped hustling and grinding since. All that hard work turned into CURIIOS. And on October 11th 2014 we launched, and there is no looking back. Hello world, we love you, and we hope you love us too!

For the people that haven't heard of Curiios yet, give them a breakdown of your impeccably styled company!

We are the epitome of our tagline “Powerhouse by day, party junkie by night.” We are for the individuals that don’t settle for anything less than great. A #curiiosbabe leads and all will follow. We are the ones that become powerhouses, moguls, and leaders, that happen to have a wild side too. Work hard, and play harder. Travel the world and never stop adventuring. We are not afraid to be bold or unique in any circumstance and believe that being different means you’re being yourself.

We strive to be the ultimate online retail destination solely based around monochrome pieces. Unless it’s holiday season you won’t find one article of clothing with a color other than black, white, or grey. We keep it that way to make all our pieces easy to put together. Anyone with any style level can shop CURIIOS. The shop carries labels from around the globe so we encourage you to try new things and never be afraid to be bold. Powerhouse babes at any age can rock our gear, and look fearless, fabulous and fashion forward.


Tell us about the best drink you've ever had.

That’s a tough one. I’ve had the ability to have drinks around the world and it would be tough to pick the best. The best in my second home (Los Angeles) would still be the Old Fashioned at Cole’s in downtown. Cole’s is the oldest bar in downtown LA with the best drinks from that era. Max, if you still work there, you fucking kill the drinks and I miss your bartending skills!

We love to pick favorites around H&H. Tell us your favorite piece in the Curiios shop right now.

Oo that’s easy. The ‘Above You’ Dress by CAMEO. The neckline is to die for, and the fit is flawless. It’s the dress that I have no shame wearing EVERYWHERE. I’ll pair it with a leather jacket and docs for a meeting or with a badass set of heels and party it up with my babes at our favorite dive bar. Showstopper piece at an affordable price.


What's your biggest guilty pleasure?

I actually have many, BUT I just found out that every season of FRIENDS is on Netflix. So, my guilty pleasure is currently ditching all my nightly plans and watching every episode until my eyes fall out of my skull. Basically.

If you were a stripper, what would your signature song be?

Magic Carpet Ride. ALL puns intended.


Who would you LOVE to see wearing Curiios?

EASY. Gwen Gwen Gwen Gwen Gwen. Did I say Gwen? She will forever and always be the ultimate #curiiosbabe. Gwen Stefani inspires me everyday, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to represent the company. Badass babe, turned powerhouse, turned fashion mogul, all while balancing and maintaining a personal life. I salute you!

As I mentioned above, your style is incredible. What are your top 3 tips for ladies looking to improve their style?

You’re the sweetest, thank you. It’s all about the following in my opinion:

1. Know your body. Love it, cherish it. You need to identify pieces that flatter your shape and height. This seems so cliche, but I cannot stress enough how many women at every age ignore their body type when shopping. Your body is your temple. Make the outside look as good as the inside!

2. Make the #1 Tailor in town, your “BFF.” Having a tailor is crucial. If something doesn’t fit right, don’t wear it just because you love the piece. Take it to your new “BFF” and have them alter the garment. When a piece of clothing looks like it was made just for your body-it is the best feeling in the world.

3. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Seriously. If you’re stuck in a fashion rut or have dressed the same since the third grade... Let that hair down and try something new! Wearing a skirt instead of pants, or ditching that horrible sweater your mom gave you for a badass leather jacket! I’m not going to say it will be easy. Making a change in any part of life is difficult. But the results are always worth it. We actually offer personal styling services via private appointments. They are free with $100 purchase from the shop. We’re not fully advertising this service until mid 2015. Let us be the Claire Standish to your Allison Reynolds. Cheeky Breakfast Club references are a must.