Gloriosa - Droppin' KnowledgeGloriosa - Droppin' Knowledge

street name: Gloriosa

god-given name: Gloriosa Superba

colors available: Magenta with a lime green

meaning: Honor & Fame

seasonality: Available Year-Round

cost: $2-5 per stem

tips, tricks, & fun facts:

  • These flowers pack a serious punch with their unique shape and color. Pair them with more cost effective blooms to create a stunning arrangement or bouquet.
  • We love a gloriosa as a boutonniere. If you aren't afraid of your men in pink, give this unique bloom a chance!
  • These flowers look delicate but they actually have an impressive shelf life. Keep this beauty in a vase with fresh water out of direct sunlight and you will get up to two weeks with your new favorite flower.
  • Do you love lilies? Gloriosas are part of the same family!
  • This is the national flower of Zimbabwe