How to Create a Nontraditional Holiday Wreath

How to Throw a Charming Holiday Party Earlier this week, we showed you the first steps to creating the most charming holiday party. Today, we're back at it! The simple steps below will show you how to craft a minimal, nontraditional wreath for your soiree and if you hop over to SEE Salt, you can learn all about their amazing recipe for microwave caramels!

How to: Throw a Charming Holiday Party How to: Throw a Charming Holiday Party How to: Throw a Charming Holiday Party


  • Princess Pine wired into a circular shape
  • floral tape
  • floral wire
  • Mixed flowers (we used tulips, alstroemeria, liquid amber, and hypericum berries)
  • Ribbon to hang your finished wreath

Create it:

  1. Begin by creating small bunches of blooms. Wrap them near the top of the stem with floral tape to secure.
  2. Once your mini flower bundles are complete, affix them to your wreath using a high gauge floral wire. Wrap tight enough to secure the bloom but be cautious not to break the stems. Trim stems down to 1/2" or 1".
  3. Tie your ribbon to the top of your wreath and hang it on your door, above your bar cart, or anywhere you need a bit of extra green!

credits: food - SEE Salt TV flowers - Hoot & Holler photos - Amy Frances Photo