Jessica Helgeson of See Salt

The magic here does not happen alone. We are constantly working with creatives in our community (and beyond) so we thought it would be fun to share some of the ladies and gents we work with that we're crushing on. We met Jessica at this gorgeous kitchen engagement photoshoot but we have followed her work on Instagram for much longer. Everything she cooks makes our mouths water and we are totally in awe of her great, positive energy. Read on to learn more about Jessica and her company SEE Salt. Or, if you hate reading, head right over to SEE Salt to watch some of their dreamy videos! Jessica - SEE Salt

You're a food stylist. This was one of my dream jobs while I was in college. How did you get into it? I grew up with my single mom who has always inspired me to make your food special even when there is no occasion at all. We still work together today on SEE Salt! We are working hard everyday to study and learn what makes food come across as appetizing. It is all about color, texture, and creating that "Yum" factor!!

What are your favorite resources for making food look excellent in photos and videos? We use an array of techniques such as light spritz of oil, or water, to make food "come alive" but we always start with the freshest of ingredients. This is key.

Instagramming food is one of my favorite pastimes. Any helpful hints for making your meal look great on Instagram? Lighting is key. We also love using VSCO to visual enhance some the natural colors of our food. Anytime you can capture steam, frost or dripping yummy-ness that is all bonus points!

What is an essential ingredient everyone should have in their kitchen? Fresh herbs, citrus and olive oil!

Sweet or savory? Savory

Do you have a favorite food? Tough... I love ALL food. There is something about wild or garden-fresh berries that are still warm from the sun. Reminds me of growing up in Oregon.

Jessica - SEE Salt

What fuels your creativity? Mixing the past, with the present, with the future. Food has trends just like fashion or design.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Seeing people sharing and enjoying @Seesalttv recipes.

How do you unwind after a long day? Cup of earl grey tea with cream, a cuddle with my babies or husband or a nearly- too- hot bath.

What would your last meal be? IY-YI-YI.. So hard! Maybe a fresh, white flaky fish with crispy morel mushrooms and a pear and blue cheese salad! Oh yes! Or a lobster roll!! Or tacos! Haha

Who are your favorite people to follow on instagram? I love to follow @tracyshutterbean and @dashandbella for food inspiration!

What's next for SEE Salt? SEE Salt is growing in ways we never imagined. We hope to work with more and brands and help them with custom recipes to make their products come to life. We plan on continuing to bring inspiring food to our audience through beautiful photography and videography!