wheat-1 street name: Wheat

god-given name: Triticum

colors available: Brown & Green (depending on the stage of life the wheat is in when cut)

meaning: Love and charity

seasonality: Fall & Summer

cost: $6-8/bunch

tips & tricks & facts:

  • Wheat is often available dried but if you're able to purchase fresh wheat, it is more mailable and easier to use in arrangements
  • Pair wheat with unexpected elements to create a fall bouquet. We added it to an arrangement with deep blue anemone for a fall tablescape for a unique spin on the classic fall centerpiece.
  • Wheat is used in food all the time (oh, hey gluten!)
  • Many people are allergic to wheat so avoid using it in bouquets/corsages/boutonnieres unless you're 100% sure won't have your bride sneezing during her big day!