DIY Succulent Centerpiece

succulent-centerpiece-1succulent-centerpiece-2 Last week we created some floral arrangements for a really fabulous photoshoot. We don't have the images from the shoot for you yet but we thought it would be fun to share the process behind creating a succulent centerpiece. Not all floral arranging is done with cut flowers and it was such a great opportunity to design using live succulents and cacti!

To create a centerpiece using living succulents and cacti is surprisingly easy (especially if you're using it for a special event). All you'll need is a selection of succulents in various colors and textures, potting soil for cacti/succulents, a cloth to protect your hand while planting the cacti, and a large, wide-mouth bowl.

  1. Start by adding soil to your bowl. You'll want to fill it so there is only 1-2in. of space between the soil and the top of your bowl.
  2. Place your succulents one by one into the soil. Create a well and gently pack dirt around each plant so they stay in place.
  3. When you're finished, give your plants some water and keep it in a well-lit area. You won't need to water this very often as both succulents and cacti like a dry environment.

That's it! Experiment with color and shape to create different styles of centerpiece. This would be fabulous at a dinner party or for a natural, garden-themed wedding!!