Photo by Jessica's Photo

Photo by Jessica's Photo


Our Philosophy:

There are a lot of florists you could work with. But you want to work with us, and this is why.

We believe in hip-hop music. 

We believe more is more. 

We believe in asymmetry.

We believe in doing as well as teaching.

We believe in BIG colors, cool leaves, and designing in our high-tops. 

We believe in chasing dreams.

We believe in being the happiest we can be.

We believe that flowers make people happy, and we love that.

We believe that you are a BIG DEAL.  Let's talk about it.


Who are we?

Hoot & Holler was founded in the fall of 2013 when owner and lead designer Malori Maeva was searching for ways to keep her creativity alive outside of her 9-5 desk job. From the first arrangement she created, she was completely hooked. In the past four years, Malori and her team have created floral designs for hundreds of unique weddings throughout Arizona. Designs created through Hoot & Holler are inspired by nature and are the perfect exclamation point for your wedding (whether BIG or small), your special events, or your next corporate event. We're also the creative minds behind the destination elopement company - Noir Elopements. Just looking for a few crowns for a special day? Visit us at Phoenix Flower Crowns!

 Photo by Born Pacific

Photo by Born Pacific